Chiaki Playstation 5 Remote Play On Legion Go

How To Setup Chiaki Playstation 5 Remote Play On The Legion Go

Chiaki is a open source software client for Windows that brings PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Remote Play to devices like the Legion Go.

How To Setup Chiaki

    • Now you want go to Enter your Playstation username and it will give you your Account and Encoded ID.
      ps id
    • Copy your Encoded ID and enter it inside Chiaki where its PSN Account-ID (base64).
      basecode64 chiaki
    • Turn on your Playstation 5, head to Settings – System – Remote Play and then enable it. Then you want to click Link Device.
    • Input the code into Chiaki where it says PIN under your Account-ID and click Register.
    • You should be connected now.
    • Click the settings button at the top right and enter your settings. You can adjust the bitrate to your liking, it will depend on you internet speed.
    • Double click your Playstation or Press the Y button to begin your Remote Play session.
      chiaki playstation 5
  • To make your game fullscreen, double tap your screen.
  • I use third party app Handheld Companion to map the escape key and T key to one of the back buttons on my Legion Go so I can accesss the Playstation 5 home screen and use the touch pad button.