A New Legion Go BIOS Is Set To Release In 2 Weeks

A New Legion Go BIOS Is Set To Release In 2 Weeks Here’s What It Will Bring

Legion Go product manager Ben Myers announced today the upcoming changes that we will see in the next Legion Go BIOS V28 set to release within the next 2 weeks.

Legion Go BIOS v28 Notes

  • Adding STAMP/STT thermal mode switch
    • STT (default) mode, APU power will auto increase when surface temperate is under the specified limit
    • STAMP mode, APU power will strictly follow the system settings
  • Adding an option to switch memory frequency between 6400Mhz and 7500Mhz
  • Adding Charging Speed Optimization option, users will be able to select charging speed under high loads (know a lot of you were asking about this)
  • USB-C compatibility option to support more USB high-power devices
  • Adding 6GB VRAM option (still working on Auto, wont be available in this version)
  • Support for Lenovo fan table tuning interface (if I am understanding this correctly, I believe this is just a way for the Space team to have access to the Fan settings, to support our plan for custom Fan curves in the December-end version of Space)
  • Support for Lenovo sPPT/fPPT tuning
  • Fixing some performance issues (don’t have too many details on what that means, will ask)
  • Fix for custom VRAM settings somtimes not taking effect
  • Will also include the SD reader fixes from v26
  • And lastly, my personal favorite, “Other fixes”.

via Lenovo