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Legion Go BIOS Update v31 N3CN31WW

Legion Go has a new BIOS update v31 N3CN29WW. The new BIOS updates includes the to Custom TDP option inside Legion Space. You can learn how to change the TDP here.

  • You can download the Legion Go BIOS Update v31 N3CN31WW here.

Legion Go BIOS Update V31 N3CN31WW


  1. Base on BIOS29.
  2. Fix spelling errors in “Quiet” and “STAPM”.
  3. Update help info of “Increase external compatibility”.
  4. Update SFH FW: TypeId0x25_Mp2Fw_PHX_9B064.sbin.
  5. Set thermal policy default value to “STAPM”.
  6. Add ‘Insert AC To Start’ item in BIOS setup.
  7. Update warning info of flash BIOS.


  • Base on EC29.
  • Fix issue that failure to custom TDP.
  • Add auto poweron function when plug AC.