legion go roadmap

Legion Go Roadmap For Updates & Changes – December 2023

Lenovo Legion product Manager Ben Myers announced today the Legion Go roadmap for updates and changes including a deadzone fix, FPS limiter, adjustable fan curves, key mapping and more. The next update is schedule for mid December read everything below.

Legion Go Roadmap

Planned Updates for “Mid-December” Release (off-cycle):

  • Joystick deadzone adjustment option
  • Xbox Button Mapped to Legion L+RS
  • Trackpad vibration switch
  • Bug fixes for lighting effects
  • Fix for controller input duplication in right menu / games (window focus)


Planned Updates for “Late December / Early January”:

  • Driver, BIOS, Firmware updates incorporated into Legion Space eliminating the need to rely on manual / alternate update paths
  • DPI Settings for trackpad & FPS mode
  • FPS limiter which will include (based on feedback from last update + science): 30, 36, 48, 60, 72, custom.  Preview:

fps limiter preview

  • Adjustable Fan Curves in Space (v28 BIOS already added some support for this but not user accessible at the moment)
  • Ability to turn off light on power button
  • Adjust automatic sleep timing on controllers
  • LT/RT Deadzone / Activation Point adjustments (tentative)


Planned Updates for “Calendar Q1 2024” (Very Tentative):

  • Key Customization / Key Mapping (High Priority, but requires coordination between a lot of teams and dev groups, thus the timing)
  • Use of Left/Right triggers for Mouse Clicks (above implementation will allow this)
  • Ability to “hide” games in Space
  • Desktop Mode or similar
  • Taskbar/System Tray Minimization of Space (Please note the Legion R key right menu flyout already works even without loading Space in currently released version)
  • Additional customization options for space (tentative)

I do apologize that we were not able to get the deadzone update out on our accelerated timeline.  This was originally planned for end of December and based on the importance placed on this by the community we’re still on track to get it released earlier than planned but still later than we hoped.  We were gated by some things out of our control that I believe have been resolved now and work is able to continue.



  • V28 Beta BIOS was released this week, Link here: BIOS v28 Beta Testing
  • Official release of V28 should be forthcoming within the next few weeks pending testing completion
  • Additional functionality is being looked into for future versions including Auto UMA Buffer


Graphics Drivers

  • 11/7 Test Drivers were released this week, Link here: v23.20.24.03 VGA Driver Beta Testing
    • These will not be officially released “as-is”
    • Next iteration will further improve upon these test drivers
  • Next official release tentatively planned for “Mid-December”
    • Hoping to include integer scaling out of the box with this update without the need to adjust registry


Parts & Service

  • Our Service teams have been hard at work to improve your experience with the device
  • 10% off ADP (Accidental Damage Protection)
    • Available in the Legion Space store under recommended scroll all the way to the right or at the bottom of the help menu in the right flyout menu
    • This is a pretty good deal even without the coupon code that seems to be well received by the community so just calling it out for awareness.
  • We have been able to start providing some service parts for sale through our support site for those that want/need them, link here: Available Parts
  • The extended teams are working on getting replacement parts out to customers in need


Miscellaneous / Known Issues & Requests

  • Fan/Coil Whine – known issue for some, does not impact all units, quality teams assessing what can be done
  • Fullscreen issues and upside down rendering of some games – known issue, long discussion last night, still work in progress
  • Discussing additional controller options, nothing to share yet
  • External monitor rotation issues – known issue, looking into
  • Gyro enhancements & management options
  • USB-C connectivity (charging, data stability)
  • Battery Charge limits (some added functionality included in v28 to set charging speed under load)
  • Left Speaker interference – root cause under investigation