Legion Space Update

Legion Space Update

Legion Space update released with some new additions to the quick settings menu and more for the Lenovo Legion Go.

You can download update here or just launch Legion Space and it should update automatically.

Legion Space Update Changelog

  • Controller Related improvements will be included in the next major version.
  • Got rid of the pesky bug requiring power be connected when switching from 144Hz to 60Hz.
  • Added support for 7 additional languages: Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Slovak
  • Added some performance profiles to the right flyout menu.
    • Preset Performance Mode – 30W TDP, full fan speed, OS Performance Mode
    • Preset Power-Saving Mode – Balanced TDP, OS efficiency Mode
    • Custom 1 – Whatever you want it to be
    • Custom 2 – Whatever you want it to be
    • Open right menu and swap through the profiles with LB/RB
    • This is taking the place of “game profiles” for now, will look at adding something more robust when we can
  • Added a new “Quick Settings” tab to the right flyout menu (usable with controller input) including:
    • Win+D  – this is helpful to bridge the gap until we can provide full keyboard mappings.  I.e. minimizing a game from within via the flyout menu
    • Esc – similar to above you can at least use the flyout menu to input “escape” until we get key mapping enabled
    • Virtual Keyboard (still accessible with Legion L + B but now you have an additional access option)
  • Battery info moved to the top of the right flyout menu regardless of which tab you’re in for quicker visibility
  • Added “spiral rainbow” option to RGB stick lights
  • Other general optimizations

via Ben Myers