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Legion Go Upcoming Changes For BIOS v29 & Legion Space – January 2023

Lenovo Legion product Manager Ben Myers announced today the Legion Go changes for the upcoming BIOS v29 and Legion Space There are no set dates for both updates.

You can read Ben Myers full post below.

Legion Go Upcoming Changes

Next BIOS update (v29):

  • Will be based on v28 and include everything v28 delivered
  • Will add Auto VRAM (UMA Buffer) selection
  • Optimization of custom fan table interface for future use by Legion Space (nothing user-accessible at the moment)
  • Added support for Charge Limiting (by Legion Space, later, not user accessible yet)
  • Various security improvements and bug fixes

Two big ones here that have been heavily requested are charge limiting for the battery and Auto VRAM setting, so progress is being made there.

Next Space update (Tentatively

  • Driver and BIOS update integration
  • Add FPS Limiter – Toggle on/off or lock framerate
  • LT/RT Deadzone settings
  • Custom Fan Curve settings
  • Add option to restore Joystick response curve and deadzone settings to default values
  • Add option to turn off power button LED
  • Add option to set the sleep duration of controllers
  • Various Bug fixes
  • Note: some of these may not make it in but this is the current working target

Future Space updates targeted to include:

  • Charge limit settings (either pre-defined value(s) or user defined value, implementation specifics still TBD), support for this added in v29 BIOS but will need Space implementation as well
  • Key customizaton & mapping (high priority)
  • Further LT/RT threshold adjustments

Issue Resolution:

  • SD reader stuttering issues impacting some users on some games in some scenarios
    • Special thanks to GhostFella, one of our Beta Testers for helping troubleshoot and identifying possible solutions for this issue
    • Our R&D team is evaluating an updated driver from RealTek, and have been in contact with them on the issue to help troubleshoot
    • They’ve provided some tools which I’ll work with a few users on to gather some log data/etc. to try to better diagnose the issue and see if this updated driver has any impact on the issues being experienced and if not, collecting more data to help diagnose and hopefully solve.
    • If you are experiencing any of these issues with the Genesys SD reader please let me know as well
  • Warranty Upgrades are now available for US & Canada users through the support site
    • Enter your serial# here: legion go 8apu1 Lenovo PC Support – Lenovo Support US
    • Click “upgrade” on the right and you should be able to select up to 48 months of Legion Ultimate Support
    • ADP (Accidental Damage Protection) offerings are currently still being worked on as of this post and may become available later.
  • Custom TDP
    • Working with some users on diagnosing issues around custom TDP settings in Space and trying to get a handle on what’s going on and what improvements we can make to this so that it works as intended or as expected.
    • Will be looking into this more heavily and gathering more data over the coming weeks with the aim to improve this functionality.
  • Issues previously identified and mentioned are still being worked on, if you don’t see your favorite issue here do not fret.

via Ben Myers