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Legion Go BIOS Update v28 N3CN28WW

Legion Go has a new BIOS update v28 N3CN28WW V1.10 today on December 7th. This update adds the 6GB VRAM option and more.

You can download the Legion Go BIOS Update v28 N3CN28WW here.

Legion Go BIOS Update V28 N3CN28WW V1.10


  1. Base on BIOS26.
  2. Hide Performance->Tuning in AMD Software.
  3. Add setup item to support modify mem speed(default 7500).
  4. Update help info of Select different charging speed.
  5. Add setup item: Increase external compatibility.
  6. Remove “sysytem memory tested” process during flashing bios after enable HDD Password.
  7. Distinguish P3T setting(Z1:120W, Z1E AC:120W, Z1E DC:77W).
  8. Add sPPT/fPPT interface.
  9. Add setup option for switch STT/STAMP.
  10. Optimize fan speed interface.
  11. Add WMI inferface to turn on/off power button LED.
  12. Don’t show dialogs when ftpm reset in MFG.
  13. Add 6GB option for UmaFrameBufferSize.
  14. Update AMD PI code to
  15. Add AMD CPU SMT and Core Number control items under bios setup menu.
  17. Update EDID data for correct panel size.
  18. Hide smbios type11 country code string when no country code injected.
  19. Add SPI ROM GD25LR256F support.
  20. Fix cannot disable WLAN device under BIOS setup menu.
  21. Enable WLAN Root port EXTENED_SYNC bit for fix wifi YB and lost issue.
  22. Add current options for thermal.
  23. Add ACDC check when flash BIOS under shell.
  24. Fix LegionSpace App show quietmode when goto safety/STP.


  1. Base on EC26.
  2. Update PD FW from 0719 to 1102 about SI certafication.
  3. Add BIOS setup about TypeCPowerSwtich option(disable 1A limit about safetymode).
  4. Add the fan customization function.
  5. Add function about user switch power led status on OS.
  6. Fix onekey battery log issue.
  7. Fix UCSI driver yellow bar issue.
  8. Fix mipi version interface for tool.
  9. Add 686C port for Tool.
  10. Limit typeC port current when DUT in safety-mode.
  11. Modify the temperature value for thermal.
  12. Add charging options in BIOS setup.
  13. Fix LegionSpace App show quietmode when goto safety/STP.