Legion Space Update

Legion Space Update

Legion Space update released with deadzone fixes and more for the Lenovo Legion Go.

You can download update here or just launch Legion Space and it should update automatically. You will be prompted with a Controller Firmware Update as soon as you launch Legion Space.

Legion Space Update Changelog

  • Deadzone Management & Response Curve adjustments
  • Xbox Key Mapped to Legion L + RS (for now, will be looking to make further improvements to this in later releases once full key mapping becomes available)
  • Solving the issue with controller input still being passed to games while the right menu is being navigated
  • Trackpad vibration switch
  • Fixes for bugs in lighting configuration
  • Fixes for the bug that disables Legion keys in battery saver mode
  • [New] Ability to swap Legion L/R with View/Menu keys (aka Start & Select)
  • Added Alt+F4 keyboard shortcut to the Quick Settings Menu (again short-term fix until we can add full keyboard mapping to buttons)

via Ben Myers