Legion Space Update

Legion Space Update

Legion Space update released with some major improvements to the software including a dedicated area to check for and download drivers, fan curve customization and a FPS frame limiter.

Just launch Legion Space on your Legion Go and it should update automatically.

Legion Space Update Changelog

  • Integration of Driver and BIOS updates (still opt-in, not automatic, in case you prefer to stay on current version of a particular driver)
  • Added customizable fan curves
  • Added ability to set controller sleep duration
  • Added FPS Limiter (note, this may trigger and/or require a reset of profile settings in AMD Adrenalin to work properly)
  • Added Left and Right Trigger travel adjustment
  • Added ability to reset deadzones and response curves to default values
  • Added ability to toggle LED light on power button
  • Added support for 8 additional languages: Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian

The new Drivers section in Legion Space allows you to check for and install Legion Go drivers within Legion Space.

Inside the Performance tab and the quick access menu there is now an area to customize your fan curve and enable a FPS limiter.